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Hotelli Ylläsrinne - Hyvillä mielin
Services :

Casual meetings in the mountains.

Due to its location, Hotel Ylläsrinne is an ideal choice as a conference hotel.

The peaceful and creative environment brings a healthy dose of efficiency into your meeting. Together with a pinch of Lapland's magic, a little exercise to refresh the mind and professional meeting arrangements this will guarantee the success of your conference.

The location of Hotel Ylläsrinne is ideal for holding conferences. Slopes and activities are only a stone's throw away, but the hotel is still located in a quiet place on the lakeside of Ylläsjärvi. This makes is it easy to keep the team together and ensure the privacy of the conference.

If desired, we can also participate in the planning and implementation of the conference package and its related services. Please contact us for more information about our ready-made conference packages.

Guests staying at our hotel may use the conference rooms free of charge!