Hotel Ylläsrinne - Restaurant
Hotelli Ylläsrinne - Hyvillä mielin

ravintola-tahti.pngEvery night is special at Ravintola Tähti. You will meet friendly people while enjoying great food, socializing and listening to atmospheric music.

From our experience we know that delicious food is created from fresh and natural ingredients. That is why we prefer to use our own high-quality ingredients from Lapland and want to cherish the culinary traditions of the area while preserving the natural aroma of the food.

We offer a rich dinner buffet, delicious à la carte dishes and, of course, the traditional Lappish dinner in spring (during calendar weeks 8-16) to complete the symphony of flavors.

Reservations and inquiries:
tel. +358 16 565441



Täysikuu Baari

The evening at Ylläsrinne continues smoothly at Täysikuu Baari
(“Full Moon bar”). Our lounge and karaoke bar is serving
just next to the restaurant.